I spent twenty-five years in fine art photography and arts education at the college level.  However, I was leaning toward sculpture as far back as graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

When I left teaching in 2000, I devoted most of my energy to sculpture. The work has progressed rapidly, including installations.  Recently, I have expanded into print-making.

There seems to be a recurring direction in my work that concerns questions related to philosophy.  If it were necessary to apply a label, perhaps it lies at the intersection of minimalism and conceptualism. The works have minimalist physical qualities in a variety of materials.  What I find challenging is that the idea dictates the material and the medium in a constant exploration of the unknown.  

I believe the thought process is a continuous movement, and art created is a manifestation of that movement.  Although uniquely varied, each piece relates to its predecessors.  I see the evolution of my work as fragments moving along a straight line.


“Fragment of a Straight Line”

W – 24″  x  H – 13″  x  L – 46″